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Listen to a story about temptation (performed and recorded live at The Moth) on This American Life.

Life in a Marital Institution: 20 Years of Mongamy in One Terrifying Memoir (St. Martin's Press), out now in hardcover and ebook, from iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and basically everybody else. Here's a nice review from Publisher's Weekly. And here's another nice review from Maclean's.
James Braly
Never Less Than Excellent - The New York Times Gaspingly Funny - Variety 4 stars -- Time Out New York Featured on This American Life Featured on National Public Radio Featured on The Moth Radio Hour A masterpiece of storytelling. -- The List, Edinburgh James Braly is a master storyteller. -- Jonathan Ames, Creator, HBO's Bored to Death A stylish monologue, reminiscent of those of Spalding Gray. Excellent. -- The Times London One of the best feats of one-person-show-ship I've seen. -- Sarah Jones, Tony Award-winner, Bridge and Tunnel